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Welcome to the submission site for Cal Poly's Innovation Quest competition.  We are so excited to once again be hosting this fantastic competition which highlights student innovators from across campus.  Submissions are due Sunday March 7th by 11:59pm.

Read and respond to each question carefully.  There are word limits so be thorough but you'll need to be concise.  You are able to start, save and return to your application at any time so we encourage you to start early.  Make sure, however, that you submit the application when you are finished as in process applications will not be judged.

This application will be used to determine our 12 finalists.  Finalists will be announced on or before March 19th.  The 12 finalists will have until April 17th to prepare for their final pitches which will be video recorded and distributed to our finalist judging panel.  More details on this will be provided when the final teams are announced.

All correspondence will go only to the e-mail address that is listed for the team lead so whoever that is will be responsible for notifying the rest of the team about information regarding the submission.

Questions can be directed to Tom Katona (tkatona@calpoly.edu).  

Good luck everyone!


We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.